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In the dynamic landscape of modern medicine, the AI Doctor Full Body Scan emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering a seamless integration of technology and wellness.Imagine having a personal health assistant that’s not only super smart but also deeply cares about your well-being.

That’s the AI Doctor Full Body Scan for you! It’s like a crystal ball for your health, giving you a sneak peek into how your body is doing.This premium diagnostic tool is designed to empower individuals with unparalleled insights into their health, vitality, and performance.

Premium Diagnostic Testing Biohacking Tool

The Ai Doctor integrates cutting-edge technology for holistic health assessment. It analyzes body composition, microcirculation, and stress levels, providing personalized wellness insights. The patented algorithm combines data from multiple technologies, delivering results in just 1 to 4 minutes.

Innovative Health Assessment

Unlike traditional diagnostic tools, The Ai Doctor offers a non-invasive, in-depth view of body systems. It assesses cardiovascular health, acid-base balance, and visceral fat through advanced bio-technologies. The visual representation helps both practitioners and patients understand their wellness status.


Ultimate Full Body Scan With Timely Results

The Ai Doctor’s quick reports empower clients to take control of their health. Within minutes, they receive comprehensive results, including body composition (fat mass, muscle mass, fluid balance), stress levels, and microcirculation. Practitioners appreciate the efficiency of MenlaScan for timely assessments.

Personalized & Precise Wellness Roadmap

MenlaScan goes beyond generic advice. Based on individual results, it tailors recommendations for diet, supplements, and spa procedures. Whether for prevention or early detection, MenlaScan provides a customized approach, allowing practitioners to monitor progress and guide lifestyle changes.

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We are providers of advanced functional diagnosis & full body scan technology

The Ai Doctor uses techniques to provide a complete picture of the body’s essential functions. The result is a customized plan for the user to increase healthy engagement of lifestyle choices. Practitioners will find it easier to recommend the next steps for wellness. Our biohacking tool will create a competitive edge for anyone interested in functional medicine and biohacking of the body! 

2 minute testing of over 128 biomarkers

The AI Doctor can quickly analyze more than 128 health indicators in just two minutes, giving you a fast and comprehensive health check-up.

Custom lifestyle recommendations

Based on the test results, the AI Doctor provides personalized advice tailored to your specific health needs, helping you make better lifestyle choices.

3D modeling of living organs and tissues

It creates detailed 3D images of your organs, allowing you and your healthcare providers to visualize and understand your body’s condition in a more tangible way.

A non-invasive functional approach to human optimization

The AI Doctor uses a non-invasive method to assess and improve your health, which means it’s easy, painless, and focused on enhancing your body’s natural functions.

Ai Doctor Technology

The Ai doctor combines the following science and technology to produce 128 biological markers We cater to functional practitioners and fitness experts looking for top body scanning technology to track body wellness. Our full body scan biohacking tool provides multifaceted results for body composition, stress, cognitive function, microcirculation, cardiovascular function, vertebrae health, and overall wellness score. The results are quick, with 3D visuals of the body’s core systems. The full body scan also provides intuitive coaching to empower the body with suggestions on micronutrients and spa and activity recommendations. The Ai Doctor full body scan is a premium service for biohacking your body! 

Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)

The real-time sensor of stress and cognitive responses within the body

Heart Rate Variability

The critical indicator of time intervals between heartbeats measured by beat-to-beat intervals 

Bio-Impedance & Body Composition

Measuring bone, fat, water, and muscle in the body using an electric current

Digital Pulse Wave Analysis 

Cardiovascular screening of the arteries and their hardening  

Choose the full body scan that is right for your service!

We are providers of advanced functional diagnosis # full body scan technology. The Ai Doctor is your quick and easy health check-up tool! In just under 2 minutes, it checks over 128 key health indicators to give you a full picture of your well-being. From heart health to stress levels, it covers it all, giving you a personalized plan to boost your lifestyle.

You’ll get tailored advice on what to eat for a healthier, longer life, and you can even track how your diet affects your wellness score in real-time. Looking for relaxation? The Ai Doctor’s spa tips will help you unwind and recharge. Plus, it offers fitness guidance to enhance your physical performance.Health professionals love it for its ease in guiding wellness steps. And for those into functional medicine and optimizing their health, the Ai Doctor is your secret weapon for staying ahead

Ai Doctor Full Body Scan Biometric Health Scanner
Provides & Recommendations For:

  • Microcirculation
  • Circulation
  • ANS
  • Autonomic nervous system
  • Parasympathetic check
  • Sympathetic check
  • Cardiovascular test
  • Vertebral check
  • Neurohack
  • Bioimpedance test
  • Galvanic Skin response 
  • Fluid balance test
  • Fluid retention 
  • Visceral fat
  • Body fat
  • Body composition test
  • Body composition analysis
  • Full physical check up
  • Vertebral test
  • Wellness test
  • Brain scan

Ai Doctor Fit Full Body Scan

Ai Doctor Fit full body scan is a touch screen stand that reviews critical biological indicators to help with recommendations for a fitness program. Ai Doctor Fit recommendations for types of training & intensity, diet, and wellness/spa services. 

Ai Doctor Pro Full Body Scan

Ai Doctor Pro is a stand system designed for a wellness screening of essential mechanisms of the body. Ai Doctor Pro is a screening diagnostic tool for the initial screening of patients at healthcare clinics. 

What our users say about our full body scan

Ai Doctor results change lives!

The Ai Doctor gave me insight into my body that I didn’t think was possible in such a short time. Seeing the state of my heart and the early hardening of my arteries helped open my eyes to the risk before me if I don’t start changing my habits.

April Reinert

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